Monday, October 5, 2009

Our Guarantee

1) We guarantee every pup/dog to be free of genetic diseases of the heart, hips, eyes, elbows, and knees. It is the buyers responsibility to have a competent veterinarian perform the necessary diagnostics for each by the age of 26 months and if at that time any defect is noted making the dog unable to perform in the field, or as intended, to notify us immediately and provide the proper diagnostic and Veterinary reports. We reserve the right to ask for a second opinion, and to have all diagnostics reviewed by ourselves and or our own Veterinarians before making any judgments as to replacement.

2) We guarantee every pup/dog to be up to date on all necessary vaccinations, worming etc., all of which are performed by us with the exception of rabies which has to be given by a Licensed Vet, at the time of sale. It is the buyer’s responsibility to have the dog inspected by his or her own Veterinarian within 10 calendar days of pickup/shipping of the dog.

3) We further guarantee that upon notification of any health/genetic defects, along with proper diagnostic and or lab reports we will replace the pup from the next most similar breeding or breeding we have that suits you best.

4) We guarantee our dogs to have the temperament, biddability, personality and natural abilities inherent in a well-bred German Shorthair Pointer.

5) We further guarantee, that unless specified otherwise at time of sale, all dogs/pups are fully eligible for registry with the American Kennel Club.

Right of Recovery/Placement:

In the event that the purchaser is unable to keep the dog or to provide an appropriate home in accordance with this agreement, the purchaser agrees to notify us. Should such circumstance arise, the purchaser agrees then, rather than to abandon, sell, or place into a shelter or rescue program, if at all possible they are to make arrangements with us for return of the dog. Clearly, and plainly we reserve the right of first refusal and or return of any dog, if for any reason the buyer cannot provide an appropriate home for their dog.

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